New potato slicing machine unveiled

Introducing ScaliburTM: Next-level potato slicing with Dual Rotation Technology

Introducing ScaliburTM: Next-level potato slicing with Dual Rotation Technology

A NEW potato slicer featuring dual rotation technology has been introduced by Belgium company FAM STUMABO, which develops industrial machines for cutting, slicing, and dicing potato crisps and chips.

The new ScaliburTM’s cutting head and impeller rotate for a controlled and gentle cutting process.

Whereas potatoes were previously pushed against a static knife, the Scalibur features a rotating blade that slices through the potato at a lower speed. This, combined with the independent centrifugal force of the impeller, minimises impact damage to the potato’s cell structure. The slicer has powerful dual stainless steel motors (3.7 kW) and variable frequency drives for fine-tuned differential speed adjustments.

It is supplied with a full range of interchangeable cutting heads for flat, crinkle or V-cut slices or sticks in many dimensions.

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